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The hard biscuit is one of the first examples of packaged bakery products that can be remembered. The same etymology of the word biscuit comes from the Latin “bis coctus” which means cooked twice, to indicate a dry product, suitable to be preserved for a long time. Sailors’ biscuits were the first example of printed biscuits and in some areas the laminated biscuit is also called “biscuit de mer”. These products have a fairly well-aerated structure with a rather low specific weight: therefore they are well suited to being soaked in hot drinks.

They are fairly crunchy biscuits, just hard on the first bite and then crumbly on the palate, leaving the typical vanilla flavor in the mouth. Within the family of dry biscuits we find the typical French “Marie” and the “Petit Beurre” , the English “Oswego”, “gem biscuits” and “cabin”, but also the families of “cream crackers”, the “soda crackers “,” snack crackers“ and ”water crackers“.

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Cracker and Hard Biscuit

The hard biscuit is one of the first examples of packaged bakery products that can be remembered.

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Soft Biscuit

The Soft Biscuit is commonly known as shortbread biscuit obtained, that is, from tender dough (fragile, not hard); they are abtained using a rotary...

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Wirecut and Deposited Cookies

Commonly known as confectionery shortbread biscuit (very fragile), these are produced with short pastry which is very rich in fats and sugars...

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Sponge Cake

Automatic and semiautomatic sponge cakes plants can produce layer cakes, rolls and mini rolls.

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A cupcake is a sweet mini-cake cooked in a ceramic cup, greased and floured, or in a mold of parchment paper such as that used for making muffins.

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Bread, Bakery and Pastry

Bread, bakery and pastry represent one of the most important production lines in which the Laser Company is specialized.

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Petfood, commonly known as shortbread biscuits, are obtained from tender dough (fragile, not hard) using a rotary machine.

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