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Sheeting / Laminating / Make-Up Lines

At Superior Bakery Systems, we offer laminating lines from 1-4 tonnes per hour with folds from 9 to 264 layers of lamination. These lines can be direct feeding or billeting/blocking lines. 

We offer billets sheeting lines as direct sheeting lines fed from one of our many extruders depending on your type of dough. The sheeting lines can feed one of our many Make-up lines tailored for your production requirements. Our Make-up lines come in widths from 24”/600mm to 5ft./1500mm. Most of these lines are engineered specifically to your product, and we can custom engineer solutions most often for even most challenging of products.

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Compact Laminating Lines

Our laminating lines are suitable for the continuous production of puff pastry, croissant and Danish dough and similar high-quality doughs.

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Croissant Lines

We offer Croissant Lines for filled and unfilled croissants.

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Laminating Lines

We offer I-shaped, L-shaped and U-shaped Billet Laminating Lines and Direct-Feed Laminating Lines for 1,000kg/ 2,200lbs to 2,000kg/ 4,400lbs per hour...

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Reversible Sheeters

We offer a variety of sheeting lines for Ciabatta, Pizza, Focaccia, Baguette and sheeted breads and pita to name a few.

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