Industrial Bakery Equipment Company

At Superior Bakery Systems Inc. our motto is “Pride in Partnership”.

We understand how demanding this industry is from meeting production quotas, managing labor and costs, developing new products, health and safety programs, ingredients costs all while remaining competitive on the market place.

We work very closely with our customers for this very reason to help them navigate through the abundance of equipment on the market and make sure we listen carefully to their needs today and consider what will keep them competitive for tomorrow as well.

Our team strive hard to make sure we have the best possible bakery equipment solutions and expertise understanding that our valued customers are entrusting us as their business partner to have their best interests at heart. We look to develop a committed life-long business relationship with our dear customers.

We welcome you to our industrial bakery equipment company and to a new way of doing business, through “Pride in Partnership”.



As a North America bakery equipment company, we serve Canada and USA nationwide with top-of-the-line Silo and Mixing Systems, Make-up lines for Bread, Rolls, Sweet Goods, Flat-Breads, Specialty Products, Cakes and Sponge Cake, Cookies/Biscuits; and in addition, Proofing, Baking, Cooling/Freezing and Packaging.

We offer individual bakery machines, automated systems and full turn-key solutions in Barrie, Toronto in Ontario Canada, and Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Chicago in USA to meet your production needs.


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